Resource Pack - NEW!

Minecraft has never looked so good with these simple and creative changes. Explore countless modifications to the original Minecraft texture pack while still maintaining that default experience.

(Note - This update switches over to the glazed terracotta technique. This will not work completely on old versions.)


Do you like some of the changes in the resource pack but not all? No worries, we've got addons for the cool unique, and sometimes game breaking, stuff.

Cherry Oakby syszee
World Downloadby syszee
Backpacksby daniellll
Better Skies & Leavesby Community
Chainsby syszee
Pirate Villagersby syszee

Recent Projects

I thought to myself, "Why not show off some of those awesome projects you're always working on." So, here we are, and I hope you enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge" ~ Thomas Berger.

What shader pack are you using?
This question haunts me everyday, on every video... but alas I must feed the curious! I proudly use variations of the Chocapic13 pack, mainly the v5 series.
What are your PC specs?
i7 4790k (4th gen.. ugh) CPU, Corsair h100i Water Cooler, 950w NZXT Power Supply, Nvidia (ASUS) Strix 960 GPU, 32gb of Corsair Vengeance memory, 2 x Samsung 250 EVO's (Raid 0), 1TB Black Edition WD HDD, and the beautiful Corsair Air 540 Case with a few light modifications.
How do you produce your videos?
Great question, I'm glad you're interested actually. I use fraps to record the content, not because its worse or better than any other, just because its simple. As for editing, I use the glorious Adobe Premiere Pro CC along with Adobe Media Encoder CC for rendering. Not that you asked, but my microphone is the AT2020 USB with a decent pop filter and boom arm combo.
How can I support your channel?
While I create content purely out of enjoyment and my interesting in creativity, I certainly appreciate your enthusiasm towards supporting me. I, like many creators, have an active Patreon account, where you can pledge monthly or donate once, all going towards my passion. There are rewards, goals, and more! Feel free to check it out here:
You didn't answer my question!
Feel free to email me using the options below, I'll try to answer as many questions as possible. :)

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Whenever I'm not recording, I'm always available via direct message! @syszee